Thursday, August 13, 2009

P Family

I had a lot of fun with these families!


David and Jaycee said...

You're pictures look awesome, sure we wish we were closer to use your services. Sooooo, I've been thinkin of you lately & wondering if you're getting the baby itch for a third time?? I know your 9 months pretty much sucks, but i've been curious! talk to you soon,

David and Jaycee said...

Congrats to you guys! I was thinking that if you had another baby a boy would be perfect for you!
Good Luck! My third pregnancy was SOO miserable!!
Luckily it helped me have a good delivery so hopefully yours goes smoothly too! I'm not able to look at your family blog anymore, can be invited back in? I want to make sure I see him when he's born!

The Wheeler's said...

Hey! It was good to see you too! :) Here is my email address...
What's your moms email address so I can add her too?