Thursday, January 20, 2011

Past and future clients-a story

I had an experience this week that I think I should share with all of you.

When I started photographing other people about three years ago I struggled with the decision of whether to offer cd's with the session. I love the idea of you guys having access to all of your photos from your shoot but I was unsure of  how  I felt about my photos being printed at various printers that may or may not print the photos the way they REALLY look.

Well I had taken a families photos this past November and was at their house the other day. They are my kind of neighbors.  I asked the Mom if she had printed any up and this woman told me no........then kinda paused then said "Well we sent 5x7's out at Christmas. They were really cute. But I printed a few 8x10's and they were all blurry and shadowed. I was like WHAT? Where did you print them? It was Walmart or Walgreens. I was like hmmm. I know these places dont print great and I LOATHE the way they crop but I couldnt figure out why they looked blurry/or shadowed? That sounded like bad picture quality and I was really happy with how those photos turned out!
I was especially mortified that this person hadnt said anything to me. She probably just thought I had taken bad photos and I knew they were clear and sharp.

I went home and ordered four different photos in 8x10 from my Printing Lab. They came the next day and they printed beautifully! I was so relieved. I took them over to show my client and she was SO excited. She ended up buying all four photos.

Now. Im not saying you should never print at Walmart/Costco/Walgreens. I use Costco for 4x6 prints all the time and they do fine. But PLEASE dont print bigger than a 5x7 at these places or I really dont think you will be happy with your picture! My moniter is calibrated to match my labs colors. That means that exactly what I send them is what prints.

I knew there was a big difference between these labs but this was an eye opener even for me.
I just wanted to give you all a warning. I obviously cant decide for you but I promise when you order from the professional lab you will love them.

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